The Culture of know-how combined with technical and technological ability, all in the acronym BBF, Beautiful and Well Made, which reflects the characteristics of the highest level of Made in Italy. The best manufactures, designs, quality standards and services with competitive prices and within the Euro-zone. A perfect balance between creativity and function, combined with high standards of reliability. A perfect compendium to support your business.


Buonocore is a production partner for many brands known as independent for over ten years. We constantly select the best supply chain skills mainly in our district but also throughout the Italian territory for many years, managing a modular organization capable of processing different levels of volumes: from a few pieces to large productions.


The entire production cycle is under the Buonocore brand name and completes third parties: /h6>
-design and engineering;
-CAD design;
-advanced prototype;
-3D printing;;
-laser cutting and engraving;
-working molds and lost wax;
-working and manual finishing;
-microscopic embedding and micro-setting;
-cleaning and galvanizing;
-quality control.

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